About us

ILOVEBELOVE is a sustainable swimwear brand created in Almería, in Souther Spain and at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

We are Carmen and Eduardo, a couple passionate about the sea, summer, design and creativity.

Before we met, Carmen studied Business Management and Eduardo studied Architecture. It was after meeting and living together that we began to dream of projects about design. After thinking about it a lot and having gone through several jobs and companies, Carmen decides to study Fashion Design and Eduardo, Photography and Graphic Design. The fuse was already lit…

How to combine our passion for the sea and design? In 2017, ILOVEBELOVE was born, a sustainable, timeless swimwear brand with a low environmental impact that adds value to caring for the sea and the environment and that allows us to continue exploring more aspects of design and creativity.

Carmen and Eduardo - ILOVEBELOVE
When we began to outline our idea, we were clear that ours had to be a sustainable, ethical and ecological fashion project, designed to walk slowly in the fashion world.

We are committed to a timeless, classic and elegant design where beauty and comfort come together. As passionate about fashion design, Carmen loves to think and investigate design and pattern making to give each piece touches that make it special.

Our swimsuits are created with regenerated fabrics made from a nylon fiber extracted from scraps of fishing nets salvaged from seabeds and reefs, as well as other nylon waste that otherwise pollutes the Earth.

Our designs are made in a local workshop where they worked with us as a team. This means that we can have control and knowledge of the development of our garments throughout the process. The same care that we put into design is put into making, while adding value to the community.

If you want to know more about our commitment to the environment, click here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading to the end. If you have any questions you can contact us at ilbl@ilovebelove.com

With love,
Carmen & Eduardo